Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Really Read Them All!!!

So I someone peeked over my shoulder while I was adding "the books I have read this year list" to my blog and said " No way you could have read all these books in one year"! Now I feel like there will be more people thinking the same thing; but yes I am a serious reader of books (hard copy) and ebooks plus when I don't have the time to read, I listen... to audio books (no they are not just for the visually impaired!).

I stress the various means of satisfying my appetites for fiction, because I have to say that there is just no excuse these days for people to not be well read, I mean there are so many ways to read! Download the books of the web free and pay with your credit card; chose a social sharing network like: Scribd, Aimini.net or just Google the title of the book and/or the name of the author and you could find a free copy of one of their books. Of course there is always Good Old Faithful aka The Library (also free)!!

Well I asked the dude peeking over my shoulder what's his excuse for not reading as much being an educated professional and all and his response was "No time". A likely answer, and now Ihave challenged him to turn a new leaf by utilizing the various means I just mentioned, so we shall see if I have saved even one person from the abyss of ignorance. As for everyone else... whether by hard copy, ebook or audio book( use your MP4/5 and computers for these), I encourage you all to pursue reading no matter how simple because it stimulates further learning and you will always fare better from the entertainment and life lessons that will have gained from a story.