Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yippee!! Erotic Sci Fi for People of Colour!

Hey all! now I've been hanging around Scribd to see what rthey have to offer a voracious reader like yours truly... and to this point they have not disappointed me at all. What I have found is a treasure trove of literary science fiction works. One author in particular, Zena Wynn has totally tickled my fancy with her True Mates Series.

What has me going, aside from the great plots and torrid love (screw hot sex) scenes; is the fact that she goes cross culture, meaning the heroin is black and the hero... appears to be white or in the category of 'other' and most of her stories seem to cross cultural and racial lines, Yes! Anyway she also kept it real with the sista protagonist of True Mates (part 1)being a size 16! Now you can't get anymore "real" than that a woman with enough flesh for a man to enjoy and not give other women a complex about not finding love because they don't fall into the size 0-10/svelte range. Just for this I will be following this woman and her work forever, and you may check out her stuff on my front page to follow her as well! Now if Hollywood could grow the balls to follow suite... I mean can you picture Latifah to being tied naked to a tree with maybe a wolf like Russel Crowe pulling her down to ravish her?

Hey I encourage you all to read the story and suggest a Hollywood type cast to me, really I would really be interested in this!

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