Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Away So Long and Much to My Horror!!!

So I have not posted anything in months... just goes to show how reality bites and sucks sometimes ( I am way too busy!) . I have, however, made a promise to do this once per week (at least) because it can be therapeutic. Now sci fans is it that I'm getting old? I mean that has to be the reason why I am suddenly being quesy about hacker/slasher shows!

One could not begin to fathom my horror when I found that so-called horror movies like "Wrong Turn 2" and "Train" had me revolted to the point, that I ended up watching them in sections! Oh come on! Plus, to make matters worse I would categorize those flicks as "forgettable", because the premise of the stories are so 'tacky urban legend type stuff' and yet there I was, all shaky and shit!

Now I must let you now that the last movie to give me the shakes was "Amityville Horror" ( a real classic) and I was nine years old at the time. I quickly got over these shakes after finding out the full story behind the movie and then discovering after an episode of "That's Incredible" that the hauntings were a hoax. Nothing could phase me after that from the paranormal realm. No ghosts (and I'm a believer), Weres, vampires, psychotic undeads or evil robots and/or aliens... I mean, to me they are all just passe to me and my clan. Does that make us crazy or just blaze?! Ho hum.

Well folks after much thought I put have this unfortuntate incident off to being tired at the time and after much reflection, I now know that fatigue an boredom can reek havoc on one's psyche. Now I ivnite everyone to watch those two shows and tell me wht you think: scary or not scary and do me the favor of suggesting other shows in this genre to see if the can leave a lasting impression me... now don't get me wrong a horror movie does not have to scare me in order to gain my respect and reverence. Indeed I adore and revere Vincent Price but his shows (not even The Raven) has ever bothered me. So what's Hollywood not doing right? That's a whole other blog!

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