Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Days to New Moon (The Movie) & I Read The Script!

After reading all of Stephanie Meyers Twilight series books (after watching Twilight the movie), I am one of those persons squarely on the side of just reading and allowing your imagination to flow. In short, I did not like the movie as much I liked the books.

I also am not too crazy about about the choice of actors for the roles of Bella and Rose. But yeah for all the other characters that they chose to write into the movie, I thought they were okay. They got Alice and Mike down pat, the others were just okay. Now after sneaking a read at the script for the movie, I must go back to my rant about Hollywood destroying a perfectly good book with some screenwriter's off the wall interpretation. Now I won't be a spoiler by giving examples now; but I am gonna wait and see if all the people who rush to the cinema on the 20th, feel that the hype was worth it; or I will see if people scream to get their money back, before I go to town on all the differences and faults I found in the script compared to the original story!

In the mean time the collectibles and souvenir items are just ridiculous!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Really Read Them All!!!

So I someone peeked over my shoulder while I was adding "the books I have read this year list" to my blog and said " No way you could have read all these books in one year"! Now I feel like there will be more people thinking the same thing; but yes I am a serious reader of books (hard copy) and ebooks plus when I don't have the time to read, I listen... to audio books (no they are not just for the visually impaired!).

I stress the various means of satisfying my appetites for fiction, because I have to say that there is just no excuse these days for people to not be well read, I mean there are so many ways to read! Download the books of the web free and pay with your credit card; chose a social sharing network like: Scribd, Aimini.net or just Google the title of the book and/or the name of the author and you could find a free copy of one of their books. Of course there is always Good Old Faithful aka The Library (also free)!!

Well I asked the dude peeking over my shoulder what's his excuse for not reading as much being an educated professional and all and his response was "No time". A likely answer, and now Ihave challenged him to turn a new leaf by utilizing the various means I just mentioned, so we shall see if I have saved even one person from the abyss of ignorance. As for everyone else... whether by hard copy, ebook or audio book( use your MP4/5 and computers for these), I encourage you all to pursue reading no matter how simple because it stimulates further learning and you will always fare better from the entertainment and life lessons that will have gained from a story.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yippee!! Erotic Sci Fi for People of Colour!

Hey all! now I've been hanging around Scribd to see what rthey have to offer a voracious reader like yours truly... and to this point they have not disappointed me at all. What I have found is a treasure trove of literary science fiction works. One author in particular, Zena Wynn has totally tickled my fancy with her True Mates Series.

What has me going, aside from the great plots and torrid love (screw hot sex) scenes; is the fact that she goes cross culture, meaning the heroin is black and the hero... appears to be white or in the category of 'other' and most of her stories seem to cross cultural and racial lines, Yes! Anyway she also kept it real with the sista protagonist of True Mates (part 1)being a size 16! Now you can't get anymore "real" than that a woman with enough flesh for a man to enjoy and not give other women a complex about not finding love because they don't fall into the size 0-10/svelte range. Just for this I will be following this woman and her work forever, and you may check out her stuff on my front page to follow her as well! Now if Hollywood could grow the balls to follow suite... I mean can you picture Latifah to being tied naked to a tree with maybe a wolf like Russel Crowe pulling her down to ravish her?

Hey I encourage you all to read the story and suggest a Hollywood type cast to me, really I would really be interested in this!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Away So Long and Much to My Horror!!!

So I have not posted anything in months... just goes to show how reality bites and sucks sometimes ( I am way too busy!) . I have, however, made a promise to do this once per week (at least) because it can be therapeutic. Now sci fans is it that I'm getting old? I mean that has to be the reason why I am suddenly being quesy about hacker/slasher shows!

One could not begin to fathom my horror when I found that so-called horror movies like "Wrong Turn 2" and "Train" had me revolted to the point, that I ended up watching them in sections! Oh come on! Plus, to make matters worse I would categorize those flicks as "forgettable", because the premise of the stories are so 'tacky urban legend type stuff' and yet there I was, all shaky and shit!

Now I must let you now that the last movie to give me the shakes was "Amityville Horror" ( a real classic) and I was nine years old at the time. I quickly got over these shakes after finding out the full story behind the movie and then discovering after an episode of "That's Incredible" that the hauntings were a hoax. Nothing could phase me after that from the paranormal realm. No ghosts (and I'm a believer), Weres, vampires, psychotic undeads or evil robots and/or aliens... I mean, to me they are all just passe to me and my clan. Does that make us crazy or just blaze?! Ho hum.

Well folks after much thought I put have this unfortuntate incident off to being tired at the time and after much reflection, I now know that fatigue an boredom can reek havoc on one's psyche. Now I ivnite everyone to watch those two shows and tell me wht you think: scary or not scary and do me the favor of suggesting other shows in this genre to see if the can leave a lasting impression me... now don't get me wrong a horror movie does not have to scare me in order to gain my respect and reverence. Indeed I adore and revere Vincent Price but his shows (not even The Raven) has ever bothered me. So what's Hollywood not doing right? That's a whole other blog!