Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Days to New Moon (The Movie) & I Read The Script!

After reading all of Stephanie Meyers Twilight series books (after watching Twilight the movie), I am one of those persons squarely on the side of just reading and allowing your imagination to flow. In short, I did not like the movie as much I liked the books.

I also am not too crazy about about the choice of actors for the roles of Bella and Rose. But yeah for all the other characters that they chose to write into the movie, I thought they were okay. They got Alice and Mike down pat, the others were just okay. Now after sneaking a read at the script for the movie, I must go back to my rant about Hollywood destroying a perfectly good book with some screenwriter's off the wall interpretation. Now I won't be a spoiler by giving examples now; but I am gonna wait and see if all the people who rush to the cinema on the 20th, feel that the hype was worth it; or I will see if people scream to get their money back, before I go to town on all the differences and faults I found in the script compared to the original story!

In the mean time the collectibles and souvenir items are just ridiculous!

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  1. interesting. but dam, i still haven't seen the movie! i hate myself now...