Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Complexities of Women's Fiction

Well folks as a lover of fiction (who happens to be a woman), I have to say that the traditional angles of women's fiction that broadly centered mainly on: love and relationships, overcoming some devastating issue(read sickness or abuse) and family drama is fast becoming blah to many of the younger age groups say from teenage to late twenties. Indeed even women in their thirties, like moi are now turning to and enjoying the paranormal and fantasy aspects of womens fiction. I must say while these sub-genres may not appeal to some who claim to be "grounded in reality" I must insist that these stories to carry the same intrinsic message of I am woman here me roar... an kick some ass and be free as I want to be, still rings true.

I must say that these new breed of writers are doing away with the traditional virgin who needs to be saved (wait Sookie was a virgin... nah she slept with whom ever she felt like after, see?) and are creating a more modern female who makes mistakes and redeems herself and like all us; while not losing the whole fantasy formula of finding love and having many great adventures.

Now whether paranormal, literary or otherwise I must say that the one thing lacking in variety here is more racially integrated stories. Not to mention that I find the few with people of color tend to not give much depth to these characters unless the are written by other POC or they are the bad guy. Any one care to disagree come I dare ya!
I am now reading the following books by POC authors: Brown Girl in the Ring By Nalo Hopkinson (Jamaican born Canadian) and I am currently searching for Xenogenisis by Octavia Butler.... so see ya and do find em read em and enjoy our POC authors and read others too!

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