Thursday, July 16, 2009


Okay so I have always love to read many fantasy genres; but lately more and more I think I have outgrown the regular run of the mill boy meets girl - goes through some test/crisis and then overcomes to "live happily ever after" thing. I now want the strange the unlikely, the exciting.......the STRANGE!!

Then I stumble into Stephanie Meyer (read all four Twilights, plus the Midnight Sun draft) then it was on to Charlaine Harris ( now up to book 5 of Sookie) and I'm totally enamored with Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed and I got to say they are really COOOOOOOOOL!

Now if I met a vamp in real life I would run screaming to the nearest church, but in fantasy they are quite interesting along with Weres and Shapeshifters.

Now I love books and I'm pleasantly surprised by audio books so I plan read write and share as many as I possibly can with whosoever will may come!

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